Amita Juice, a success story!

Amita juices are the most preferred juices of the Albanian customer and of the highest quality, with a history of success in the market for more than 20 years.
Certified by - Icertias (International Certification Association GmbH)


International Awards 2016

Partner Ballkanik company is the Winner (No.1 position - highest number of votes) of the QUDAL – QUality meDAL research 2016/2017 for Albania in one of the categories surveyed. Albanian citizens, based on their own experience and opinion, claimed that Partner Ballkanik Company is offering The Top Quality (No.1 in term of top quality) in their county.
QUDAL – QUality meDAL 2016/2017 survey in Albania was performed at the territory of Albania, with a sample of 1.200 respondents in March 2016. Respondents were citizens of Albania, internet users older than 15.

Enjoy Amita in every moment!

Start up in the morning with Amita Juice and make your breakfast more delicious and nutritious. Will give you energy to continue your demanding daily routine. Amita Orange, Amita, Amita Orange- Apricot –Apple are ideal for breakfast with a refreshing taste and beneficial ingredients.

Take a break and relax while enjoying your favourite Amita.
Amita fruit juices are ideal to have with light meals during school, sports and entertainment activities. Take with you Amita Banana for a unique taste.

Amita is the perfect choice to share with friends and organize most beautiful and unique moments together. In these moments you can enjoy your Amita Cherry, Amita Strawberry, Amita Apple flavors that provide us sweet taste, hydration and nutritional values.

Organize family excursion in the beautiful nature taking with you your homemade treats and your favorite juice of Amita Peach & Amita Pear- Apple.

Amita Juices can be found in a variety of fruit combinations, in two types of formats 250ml and 1000 ml in Tetra Pak package

The main flavors are peach, cherry, banana, pineapple, strawberries, apple, carrot, orange & pear -Apple”.
In May 2016, two new flavors were launched:
Amita Cranberry – Grape and Multivitamin 8 fruits with 7 vitamins.
5 Reasons for consuming Amita juices:
  • Have no preservatives.
  • With Natural fruit juices and high quality and are the preferred choice for the Albanian consumer.
  • Amita provides energy and nutritional substances for all people who want a good physical health.
  • Amita Juice contribute to the hydration of our system providing at the same time nutritional substances.
  • An easy & practical product in aseptic Tetra Pak packaging which preserves vitamins, nutrional values and great taste of fruit juice.