Dairy products that guarantee taste and quality!

Delta company was founded in 1952, it started as a family business in the industry of dairy products. It is located in Tavros, a suburb in the southwestern part of Athens.

Today Delta has 6 factories and collaborates steadily with over 1,300 milk producers. The company has 13 brands and 149 products.

Delta is the number one dairy company in Greece. The safety of the product is a value that it is non-negotiable from the start to the end of each and every product’s life. Delta follows high standards of quality and safety by using the most advanced technology in the production and control of the products.
Moreover, it has high social responsibility and participation in social events.
In Albania Delta is present with 7 product categories:
  • Fresh HHT Milk
  • Milko
  • Advance
  • Smart
  • Vitaline
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Feta Cheese

Fresh HHT Milk, a glass full of love!

Delta fresh milk comes with a rich, full taste that the whole family enjoys.

High quality high heat-treated milk that increases milk safety for the consumer by destroying disease causing microorganisms.
It’s unique taste, the trust which is synonymous to Delta’s name and the rich nutritional ingredients make up for Delta milk as the first choice for the consumer.

The Delta fresh milk is very practical to store thanks to its Tetrapak package and it has been certified by the international SGS organization for the no genetically modified products.


MILKO, my favourite drink companion in whatever I do, wherever I go!

Milko is one of the most popular, youth Greek brands throughout the years. Milko has always been defining the category of chocolate milk drink in people’s mindset. Milko is a product with high nutritional values because it contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It comes in 250ml format.


Delta ADVANCE, your baby’s first spoon of yogurt!

Delta Advance child nutrition system consists of dairy products of high nutritional values, which are specially formulated and properly enriched in order to contribute to the developmental needs of young children starting from the 6th month.

Advance yogurt contains selected lactic cultures, appropriate for infants. It can be consumed by babies +6 months. Advance yogurt is enriched with iron and vitamins (B6, niacin, folic acid, C). It has no coloring agents and no added preservatives.


Delta SMART, the favorite and most healthy snack for your children!

Smart high nutritional value products are formulated and properly enriched to contribute to the developmental and advancement needs of preschool and school age children, within a balanced diet and a healthy way of living.

The SMART yogurt is enriched with calcium, vitamin D and minerals.


VITALINE, the most pleasurable way to care for myself!

Unique range of indulging yogurts with fruit, cereals, 0% fat and sweetened with extract of stevia leaf. The only yogurt range with fruit cereals, sweetened with the extract of stevia leaf. With added group of B vitamins.

Low calories products, with no colourings, no preservatives and without added sugar.


Delta Greek yogurt, double strained from 100% fresh Delta Greek milk.

100% fresh Greek milk of excellent quality combined with a unique yogurt culture and then strained with care with the use of Delta's unique straining method, inspired by the traditional way. Moreover, Delta Greek yogurt is awarded with “Superior Taste Award” by iTQi (International Taste and Quality Institute) for its hight quality and excellent taste.

Delta Greek yogurt comes in various formats.