Pestova is a vertically integrated company that starts from the production of the potato’s seeds, cultivation and treatment of the potatoes for consumption, and also the distribution of potatoes and their products. As a company it was founded in 1991 and reregistered in 1999. From January of 2008 The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is a stakeholder in Pestova.

The business activities of Pestova are:

  • Import, production and sales of potato seeds.
  • Sales of the agriculture inputs and mechanisms.
  • Production and sales of the fresh potato.
  • Treatment of the potato to Chips and other products such as Flips and Snacks.
Pestova believes that high quality production starts from the fields, for this reason they are dedicated to maintain high standards of quality and consistency, which make up for their products to be safe and delicious. The potato is produced under ownership of the company and in collaboration with the farmers of the region of Kosovo and Albania. Potato’s treatment is done with the most contemporary equipment and under the surveillance of experts with years of experience, trained in EU countries.
The selection of farmers/collaborators is done every year based in criteria determined by the GLOBAL GAP. To the selected farmers the company offers quality seeds, variety of potatoes, consultancy for the application of the new agriculture practices, usage of fertilizers, preparations for the protection of plants, advice on the irrigation, and the control and monitoring of the whole vegetation for securing potatoes of high quality.
Only the selected and certified potatoes under the GLOBAL GAP standard are sent to get treated or packed for fresh consumption.


The quality of production and safety of the consumer are set as a high priority at Pestova. The whole production process is controlled regularly through analyses of quality control, which are conducted in their laboratory as well as in local and international accredited laboratories. Pestova is dedicated in applicating the best practices of food production, according to GLOBALGAP, HACCP and ISO 9001:2008 standards.
GLOBAL GAP standards guarantee that the produced potatoes are safe and cultivated in consistent way, accordingly to the standards of European Union.
HACCP is the system that identifies specific risks and regulates the measures for controlling them so it can make sure of securing the food quality and safety.
ISO 9001:2008 determines the procedures for having high-quality management of the company. As a result, the company shows its capabilities in continuously offering products that meet the demands of consumers, and it aims to increase the consumer satisfaction through effectively implementing such system while using procedures for continuous improvement.