Kyknos offers products in premium quality with 103 years of experience in the market and with a strong tomato expertise. All Kyknos Products are GMO Free, gluten free and preservatives free: certified by Q-Food and BRC Food. Also, all packages are fully recyclable. Moreover, Kyknos has been awarded at the highest level with Superior Taste Award in 2016 and The Gold Great Taste Award in 2015.
103 years after its first day of business, the first canning company in Greece and one of the oldest in Europe remains a strongly innovative company, way ahead of its time.
KYKNOS company’s production and distribution centres are located at the village of Savalia, on a valley close to Ancient Olympia. The factory was totally renovated in 2006: new mechanical equipment and lines of the latest technology were installed.
  • 2100 tons of daily raw tomato processing capacity.
  • 410 hectares of cultivated land around the factory.
  • 35 exporting countries.


KYKNOS is nr. 1 Greek Tomato Brand with 103 years’ experience. It offers a wide range of products with premium quality and uses summer tomatoes at the optimal point of their ripeness which explains the superb taste and the nutritional values of their products.
The fresh tomato taste is a result of the minimum time it takes them between harvest and canning - never more than six hours. There is no other double concentrated tomato paste in the market: It takes 6 kilos of fresh tomatoes to make 1 kilo of tomato paste.
Despite the fact that the Albanian market is dominated from Italian brands, the consumers who have lived in Greece know KYKNOS perfectly well.


  • Crushed tomatoes 680gr – No other alike product in the market. Freshly grated tomatoes that add unique taste and aroma to any dish.
  • Passata 680 gr - Premium quality passata. Rich, thick tomato sauces have never had a better ally.
  • Passata 500 gram in Tetrapak - Premium quality passata in economy pack.
  • Chopped Tomatoes 400 gram - From the field to the saucepan, these chopped tomatoes can make a difference in cooking by adding extra flavour and taste.
  • Pealed Tomatoes 400 gram - A special variety of sweet plum tomatoes. All you need for delicious cooking.
  • Concentrated Tomatoes Paste - There is no other double concentrated tomato paste in the Albanian market.